Fast Fashion: Handbags, Shoes, and Green

You already know that Lu is crazy about shoes, right? My passion is nowhere near hers, but genetics don’t fault and I’m quite happy trying some new pairs. In C & I saw three beautiful models: a low pipe boot all worked in animal print(and also had her with hairs all black) and two beautiful and stylish sneakers, a black varnish and the second most clarinha full of sparkles. Ahh, and these pieces I found at Mall Boulevard, which has a section enoooorme of shoes, different from BH Shopping store, which almost never has very interesting things.

The Riachuelo was the second stop of the day and I was in love with this dress and Dragonfly print blouse. I love pattern and in the colder months I think it’s kind of complicated to combine dark parts with them, but found that the combination in these pieces super worked! In the section of handbags, two very pretty(and different). The first is structured, caramel and great for anyone who needs to be a little more dressed up for work. The second is all stamped, remember even those Wayuu models, doesn’t it? And to complete the pattern P & B, a loafer much of Nice all worked in the pied de poule. Like?

Found in Renner a huge variety of Nice parts. I love the scholarship section of the store, and this time were five favorite models. A big tote that fits all and then some(great for College), a backpack with print fooofa of cachoriinhos(!!!), a more tidy black strap with studs, a second, larger and more tidy and the last, with Jaguar print and fringe. I was wondering if this last is a beautiful piece and maravilhoa or if overcooked. What do you think?
In the section of clothes I liked enough of two shorts. The two models are very similar, with details on matelasse and in eco-leather. Still thinking about the bass parts, plus a pair of stamped to brighten a bit this winter. The print is pale, and well look more happy for productions of this season. To combat the cold, two beautiful coats. The leather jacket has some details on Sweatshirt on the sides, and found the model very different from what I’ve shown here. The second run of the pattern and is in eco-leather with sleeves in jeans green moss. I really liked the combination, and you?

Be ready, that next week we will have special finds for Valentine’s day!=]

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