I See The Union Jack Everywhere… Ah Yes! The Olympic Games in London Are Held

Yesterday I went for a walk with my mother (mainly just a ‘ look at ‘ stores) and as we were entering stores I realized one thing: the flag of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack, was everywhere. At first I thought was strange, but after a few minutes I realised: in a very few weeks there will be the 2012 Summer Olympics in the city of London. And this is the way that have the signatures of honor such an event. So if you love of itself the design of it (I’m not very carry flags but this is which I like most) now you’re lucky. ¿What version are you going to stay?

My name is Zara and my surname TRF

If there is a place where allows you to choose between different models very different among themselves that is Zara TRF. Where if not? And is that you there are for all tastes and occasions: in long sleeve, crochet version, with skulls, flowers … you only have to decide for yourself what best combines or what sticks most with your style et … voila!

  • Crochet style
  • With the printed flag upside down
  • For the lovers of the skulls
  • With the flag in ethnic print
  • With roses on the flag
  • In version Sweatshirt

White points to this

White did not want to lose its opportunity to show its support to the sporting event most important of all. Two versions are that you’ll find in their stores, do you go by?

  • Worn out effect
  • With floral print

For tastes the colors

Pull and Bear can find different models very, but very, different each other. If you’re that loves studs have the opportunity to get one of them, another with the mythical bear city and, if you prefer, you can stay with which transmits the message ‘ Zin & #8216;.

  • Tacking on the edges
  • With message and multicolor
  • With the drawing of a bear

ASOS, where if not?

If there is a Web site where you find all the trends in the same page that is ASOs. So how could it be otherwise, There are several options that we offer.

  • With the despintada flag and in XXL
  • With its back completely on the air

English pride

If none of the previous versions are finished you convince, try with the XXL version for the English firm Miss Selfridge. What do you think?

  • Long cut t-shirt

You luciréis the English colors this summer?

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