Jennifer Lopez Takes a Walk One of Your Most Precious Bags. Again The Boom of The Hermes?

Just need to the Kardashian display in their Snapchat multiple bags the signature Hermes (of crocodile included) that have brought them Santa Claus so that will lead to a real boom. Is clear that they are bags that thousands of women dream and love but we also have to recognize is that several months had passed into a luxurious background with the arrival of more modern and affordable brands, but this can be changed in seconds.

The waiting lists they are commonplace in the shops of this House and it is one of the most luxurious in leather goods. Why Jennifer López has not hesitated a moment and has decided to take a walk your Kelly Yellow fluor through the streets of Beverly Hills. It has combined it with a super look composed of width of a basic cotton t-shirt and black pinstriped pants crowning him with a great point of raw, beautiful color cardigan. Sunglasses and sandals with much brightness and it is that JLo cannot pass unnoticed already know it.

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