The Dictates of Fashion: Britney Spears ‘ 90s What Already Said…

Let’s start the weekend with a little of! good humor! The other day, I started to dig in my drawer of memories and thousands of things, among them left me the first cd of Britney Spears. So with computer in hand I started to dig your video clips (I remember that was a absolute fan). And what was my surprise? That her outfits could well be adapted to the trends of today…

Microtops as reason to be

It is a trend that we will not see much in the street, but the firms have wanted us ‘ plug ‘ by active and passive. In the 90’s teach the navel was the most and Emilio Pucci rescued the top the pop singer wore in his music video for his last parade Spring/summer 2012.

Although Oscar de la Renta is not far behind and the heels of you about … that Yes, in both cases change the Sport pants by a maxifalda. Renew or die ladies.

A cap for the rebel days

Do you do as not you? you put a CAP? I even remember. Could not tell an exact date: 12 years? More? And look, they are comfortable, because in summer you protect from the Sun and are also ideal for those days that you have the rebellious hair…

With the hair loose or tied, they always go well. Today bloggers back this garment so ‘ life ‘ to add a different touch to their day to day outfits.

Although if there is a girl who looks like no one This add-on is the author of after DRK. Absolute fan of it, I I say unto.

Transparencies to power

Leaving aside the man (he would write it in capital letters but I don’t want to be vulgar) that appears in the video, would have you noticed that Miss Spears looks a? transparent Jersey? Of course, today this trend is to the upside. But not only on jerseys and all: pants, dresses, skirts … only have to find the garment that go over with you.

Pastel colors welcome

And if there is a hue Queen for this season Spring/summer 2012 This is the of the pastel shades. Light pink, sky blue, mint green … decides what color goes with your personality and to take to the streets with pride.

What more fear gives me the back of the ’ 90? Someday goes to the street and find me with inspired outfits at the of Christina Aguilera in his legendary video ‘ come with me ‘. And is that only you I can understand what I am talking about: one of the dancers wears pants tie dye such as the Zara … please that do not take out a version to! Blue pictures!

Happy weekend!

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