The Finishing Touches Are The Flyers: 9 Blouses Full of Romanticism

The shirts, blouses & tops they are the true protagonists of the season being. Are they filled with flyers to be more romantic and feminine than ever. No need more than a striking shirt your outfit with jeans improve 100%. If in spring have triumphed white shirts, in summer we expect asymmetric, much lighter and fresh tops, but always, ruffled.

The white shirt is renewed

Say goodbye to male and bet on a white shirt feminine blouse with Ruffles. You succeed with any simple look, and the looks can serve both for the office and for the night. The shirt is no longer so basic and so classic, but it now becomes a very special garment.

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With belt

If you want to give a new look to a shirt that you have at home, add a wide belt or corset, turn it into a kimono of oriental style which permits a very sophisticated look. Having style does not mean buying thousands of things, but know reuse them you have by adding plug-ins that it transform all.

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With transparency

If you still want to add more romance to a blouse, as well as steering wheels add some subtle transparencies, that you become her most romantic clothing. In Stradivarius They offer us a white blouse with Ruffles at the sleeves allowing to glimpse a top of flowers below.

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In pink

Already thinking summer, Primark It offers us the most romantic color, pink. Tops with shoulders bare that we had last year is added to flyers to be even more flirtatious.

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With flowers

In addition to ruffles add flowers to wear a top with ecological awareness. It is the new collection of H & M Conscious, with Natalia Vodianova image, it proposes a top with ruffle and sleeve cuts ideal for spring.

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With loop

Gucci It has become fashionable again the flyers and their blouses and dresses full ruffles have conquered to the celebrities. If already also add a black ribbon to the neck, is as divine as the look of Charlize Theron.

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Mini top

Up to the crop top tiniest They point to the tendency of the flyers, although they are on the sleeves. A top of Bershka It teaches much but that it becomes a basic summer for a look so refreshing for absolute heat.

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The final detail: a steering wheel

As well as in some flyers are the maximum, in others only develop in a small detail that adds volume, femininity and romanticism to garments. Ruffles on the neckline and shoulders you create a very subtle effect so that we end up falling in love with us full of garments such as bodies, dresses and tops.

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With volume

If the shirt with Ruffles create too much volume, simply combine it with some stretch denim that compensate the proportions.

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