The Firm Preferred by The Spanish Still Being Zara, Which If No?

When you ask a Spanish for its brand favorite low-cost almost always it is heard: Zara. Why? I guess that they are many factors that influence: the price (undoubtedly), of trends that houses a store (not focused on an audience in particular, but in many and different ages), the quality, the possibility of changing wardrobe each season, etc. Is for this reason that we must not wonder to see the bloggers in this country to go enfundades day in, day also with your clothes.

In this way you take ideas for your day to day, because it is good to see them with Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga garments, but for your daily inspiration remains stagnant. So today we look in them and these items to flooded or they are already present in our wardrobes. And we do it with the Greek blogger Zina CH. Based in the city of Barcelona: that lamb jacket inspired by 3.1 Phillip Lim I fell in love from the first day I saw it. Jeans, leggings, dresses … No matter what to take, she will be the star of your outfits.

But if you’re that prefers another simpler garment look at My Mireia daily Style: she only knows to mix one military jacket of the Inditex Group frima, with denim shirt and stamped cigarettes out unscathed attempt & #8230;

Last year wiped out: the jeans from Zara in thousands of different colors were not go unpunished. Roses, oranges, green or electric blue, all look our version. The author of Stella wants to die was decanted by the Fuchsia, and today the It is mixed with jacket in black and white, boots and white shirt. What do you think?

And if what they are timeless pieces to be used both summer as in winter, and that last for years and years and years garments with simple lines and black are the best. An example? The skirt of the author of the from the ’ of blog: does nothing but at the same time long.

Like them,?Zara is your favorite firm or are there others that you prefer before?

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