Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Hair Pieces, Pieces of Fashion

The hair It takes stomping several seasons. It seems that the design gods have listened to Anna Wintour and his love of animal skins and decide to forget PETA and company they shout them in full parades, murderers. Seems to venial sin, the hair takes only pieces.


I loved his collection, a medley of designs and brands that I like and its proposal to leave the hair for less obvious than a wrap plug-ins to the Paris Hilton in Aspen. BCBG hits combining something so sophisticated and elitist with a citrus Orange and knit garments.


One of my favorite shows of the season Fendi and true standard of the trend. Their mad max of class rich women used scraps of hair in collars, sleeves or lapels in a Masterful manner.


House Balenciaga nor does it seem to be afraid to protest and environmentalists and covers their vanguard of Minks, foxes and other wildlife animal women like never before.

Jean Paul Gaultier

The Niño terrible fashion, already closer to retirement of adolescence, brings it to the fore in its special review of nomadic and exotic blends of the 21st century. Spectacular in dyed hair, Fuchsia and electric blue bomber jackets.


Its clean and sophisticated women which diamond Elizabeth Taylor also look hair to gibs, scarves or scarves.

Dries Van Noten

Beautiful the way that stains the wildest skin and turns it into pure fantasy away from nature. Do we dare with a collar of hair synthetic in Fuchsia or lemon yellow?

Dolce Gabbana

Dolce Gabbana dare in turn with a skin that one, by very his follower that is, can not with her. Is none other than the Astrakhan and already being material once reserved for draws, either by their way of getting this skin, I am not convinced.

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