Trends Spring/Summer 2012: Pastel Colors Rule The Runways

The catwalks impose fashion. They are a reflection of what we then see at our regular stores. Today we started our special catwalk with a trend that is going very strong trend: the pastel colours. Perfect shades to look with the so flattering Tan summer.

Pink, blue, yellow, green, cream…..This season spring-summer is more pastelosa than ever … .and in all kinds of fabrics, from the socket, through transparency, to overlapping layers. There is also the option of mixing various shades in a same look, in the purest color block.

In the picture you can see three creations by Alexander McQueen, performed by its Creative Director Sarah Burton, who joins wing fashion of the pastel colors, as most of their peers.



Pink It is a tone that or you love or you don’t like anything, but on the runways is that has dominated above all … in my opinion is a continuation of the nude that fashion has been in previous seasons, but it must be renewed. There are models of all kinds, for the day short or long evening … sure that in the coming Golden Globes and in The Oscars We will see several elections in this tone.

The extremely cheesy, body adjusted with neckline honor and with cancan skirt are signed by Victor & Rolf. Most Super-Duper-cheesy impossible. On the contrary, absolute femininity comes from the hand of Elie Saab with a spectacular design of cleavage in “ V & #8221;.

John Galliano, whose collection is one hundred per cent in light shades, bet by the asymmetries and transparencies.

Feathers of Ralph Lauren.

Y Valentino It proposes it in iridescent with white flowers, a combination that resulted in a spectacular model.



Yellow It is not a color that sole appeal, especially to the more superstitious. Moreover, it is difficult to carry. I recommend that you combine it with other color such as white or blue. If you choose a total look yellow look like a chick and call attention to … .the gateways are art and see complete outfits, but you do not should. Only would make an exception: a yellow dress, and which is not excessively Baroque.



The pastel blue It is one of the colors that I like most, since its range is fairly broad. Also the creators have opted for him for his original designs. Christian Dior prefer combined with other pastels as the cream … thus gives us an idea of how then look our low-cost acquisitions.

However, Louis Vuitton (central image) proposes it very tacky, since blend transparencies, flowers, brocades and even Swiss Batiste, a combination so Baroque that is little wearable and nothing flattering … .and if that we add that their models are oversiza and more extensive than usual … have the ideal to not make it look.

This design John Galliano, semi-transparent and with brilliant detail, seems fascinating me a perfect styling for a wedding in the morning, with a suitable headdress.

And not only have this range of hues in sleek, also with Flower print as this beautiful and cheerful dress of Ungaro.

The lace has name of Valentino in a not so clear, but very flattering pastel blue. Perfect dresses for an event where he has to go from cocktail. We are sure that we can see some dress of this type in low-cost version, which come from luxury to go to work.

Not all are dresses, Pant also points to the prissy fashion.



Another tone that we see in stores is orange, but not so garish but most paid. Elie Saab recommended us for the night in his fantastic and glamorous style designs 50’s.

As I said earlier, does the same thing with little successful creations of Louis Vuitton.



The creams they never go out of fashion. It’s a tone that approaches white and therefore, their biggest advantage is that combined with all. It is very easy to carry. In this picture we see a puffed dress original signed by Chanel, only suitable for celebrities, that me fails to convince. Not so with the spectacular home, that has me in love with mini. A design of eighties Court with details of divine white tassels!

Pants, skirts, dresses … any garment is beautiful and appropriate to choose it in cream color.



Green It is the color that I like less, but why I’m not going to mention. We are sure that fascinates many of you because it is very flattering. Da same be whiter skin you’re freixedinha, always looks great. Loaded with style, is the airy model stamping of Galliano. A very spring-like option and an ideal to go as a guest to one example wedding on the beach.

Moschino prefer them smooth and block but with precious cross to wear daily necklines.

And a Chanel dresses like jewel. This creation of lace, feathers and hyper sifisticado detail find me fascinating: the belt of pearls. And is that Lagerfeld shows in every one of its parts which is in love with the female figure.



Lila or is the last color of this chromatic variety. Amaya Arzuaga and Rodarte show us your choices. The first bet by the short and simple. The second, prefers the combinations of colors.

A great variety of styles, patterns and colors so you’re taking note of fashion coming. Eescoge that you like and looks to the last.

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