Vintage Tunic Tops Buying Guides

If you like to highlight your feminine side through your attire, tunics may be your best choice. Their versatile designs and soft shapes that steep in romantic sweetness can be used for both summer and winter. In the cold winter time you can have the tunic over a blouse, in order to create a bold, layered effect. During the hot summer months, the airy design can bring about actual ventilating effects. A tunic top is a great alternative to a regular top or blouse, which dissipates unpleasant high heat fast from the body. These cute and versatile tops are thus suitable for everyday visit with friends or a festive evening in the city. For everyday you can style a tunic with a pair of classic jeans, a pair of ankle boots and a roomy shoulder bag. If you want to take a tour of the city you may be able to switch the pants to a cute skirt.

Let your personality shine through with a feminine top

At internetages we have a wide range of delicious tunics in all sorts of colors and styling. If you are in your romantic corner, we have several models with graceful floral patterns. If you’d like to have a casual look, we have several shirts with loose sleeves. Tunic tops can also be adorned with embroidery or brightly colored prints, which can give your set a festive touch. Some of the models can be so long that you can use them as a blouse or a dress. For a vintage look, you can choose to let the tunic hanging loosely or let your feminine curves to be expressed, by having a belt at the waist. Take a look at the wide range of tunics online at internetages and let yourself be inspired by the many different styles.

Vintage Tops

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