Hair Jewelry without Real Flowers: Three Collections of 2017

Girls, how’s it look? I suppose but even strongly, that her already busy rooting on Pinterest to ideas and maybe even your wedding dress.

Congratulations! Then you’re already a hunk-next on the to-do list, because the dress search can take Yes ever for weeks. But what about styling and hair? Did you you also have thoughts about it? If not, a look in this timeless article by in which I had presented four different ideas for each type you. As far as the hair accessories, you have Yes basically two options: real flowers or “what pretty-to the plug in”, so such a… “Thing”, as many people would call it plain. If you want to Google for ideas and not really progressing with “Thing”: Fascinator, headband, tiara, hair comb and headpiece are the terms for “so a thing to the-head”. In the past few weeks, many designers have presented their new collections for 2017-and I want to say more of course equal brühwarm which you.

Elegant & Classic: Ideas For Styling To The Dirndl

There, Kido Designwould be for example Kirstin Dordan with their label. Photographer Kitty Fried has used their jewelry pieces in scene. The styling took over one of the most famous stylists in the Munich wedding room with Gréta Istvándi. The team has left you also equal a few insider tips on styling: “for example, think about whether you want to let make hairstyle and make-up of two different service providers or prefer only a stylist”, Kitty is to keep in mind. “And if your photographer from the getting ready to this, thinks that to have something nice to wear. A nice kimono is there for example!”