Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant

The idea was actually last week put an end to the series of affordable fashion that we had for a couple of weeks. However, then I suddenly remembered a very interesting collaboration that I looked at in London last winter. The department store chain Debenhams, which reminds a bit like Åhléns in Sweden, sells a couple of years back the brand Hammond & Co., owned and designed by the style icon Patrick Grant.

Patrick, we have written about before here on our site and he is the owner of Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons and the British luxury sport brand E.Tautz. A couple of years ago took Patrick even than the venerable sportklädesmärket Hammond & Co. as well as many other fine old British brands fallen into hibernation. He bought the brand was actually quite logical, in that he already owns E.Tautz. E ‘in the company’s name stands for Edward Tautz and this man was responsible for passing and pattern designer at Hammond & Co. but stopped to then start his own label under his own name, a brand that Patrick bought in 2009 and brought life back.

Hammond & Co. was founded as early as 1776 and supplied among others the royal family and the discerning British aristocracy with sportswear and has a fantastic heritage and archives today inspired Patrick in the collection then a couple of years sold exclusively in Debenhams. Patrick says that he received a lot of feedback and requests from friends and customers who like the tailored style of Norton & Sons and the appearance of E.Tautz but think that it costs too much. The idea of Hammond & Co. is to supply an alternative. A clothing brand with a storied history and with a clear British look at a very good price. Patrick said in an interview that there is a difference between slow fashion so as tailor who takes a lot of time, and that justified costs a lot of money and fast fashion that is more hardware and factory-sewn and is therefore cheaper. He believes, however, that little crass to pay as much expensive as the cost cutting. By choosing someone who can and have the right skills and feel you can get a very good result.