Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Hurrah!, The Hat Is The More

I’ve always wanted to be Parisian. Seems very stupid that sounds, it leads to having more charme and above all look Hat without leaving the staff was stunned because you desentonas by sophisticated or “Paris” in the purchase of the super. Look Hat and buy flour not well House… until this autumn.

Crazy Hat box

Yes, I know, the pro, the book Inés de la Fressange Paris not intended to be the Mad Hatter but Alicia, but the greatest exponent of this trend, which has released it and the rest has caught, has been Marc Jacobs.
With its inspired collection in Anna Piaggi y Lynn Yaeger It leads us to the country of wonders, but on Halloween night. Fright and death. Not liking does not detract any value yet.

Reality bites

Getting to more earthly places, which present us with Armani and Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci and that already serve us Yes as very wearable ideas into practice. Amazing mini fedora born in the manner of a headdress of Karan beautiful also the of Armani with lucid and asymmetrical wing tipped.

It also makes it Marc by Marc Jacobs y Michael Kors who we introduceen other essential trends: applications of hair which Eskimo. And already thousand seasons go….

Rachel Zoe, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger venture us into other parallel world: those of the twenties style of Lauren, polo in woven winter line of Tommy and with the application of a feather always flattering Hat Bogart’s Zoe.

What is it that makes it so tempting to wear a hat? It will raise any clothing that you feel, very casual or here tag here I’ll give you that you carry. It will solve you life on one of those days in which our hair play a dirty trick on us and the hairdresser was not viable. And above all, to the head, it evokes mystery, audacity and sophistication.

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