What to Bring in a Beach Bag

When it comes to choosing what to bring in the beach bag, the exaggeration may end up taking care of much of the female audience who, always cautious, ends up taking with them more than they really needed. For the despair of men and their own health, because they have no back and shoulders that hold so much weight to carry, does not it?

To avoid these problems and doubts when closing the bag, please follow below suggestions about what to bring in a beach bag:

The first tip is do not choose in a hurry. When selecting what goes in or out of the beach bag, try to take into account a model beach bag that can foul sand and splash water. Give preference to those that are totally plastic or have a compartment of this type inside, so it is easier to wash.

Sunscreen. He can never miss a beach bag. Take at least one to the skin and one to the lips. If you arrive early on the beach or sunbathe early in the morning, remember the peak times: between 10am and 4pm. Another smart tip is to reapply the product every 2 hours and right after it leaves the sea. It is also recommended to take another product so the sun does not detonate the wires, but chamomile tea and devices to make hair light in the sunlight have a green light.

Repellent. As usually going to the beach is done in the morning, and the exit is at lunch time or late afternoon. So look first to find out if the place has mosquitoes, squeaks or insects that might bother and disrupt the tour; But how to prevent is always the best solution, do not take a good insect repellent out of the beach bag.

Accessories. But be careful, try to wear small earrings, necklaces and bracelets with small pendants (or just the chain) and with super-secure clasps so you do not risk losing them when diving into the sea. In addition to leaving jewelry, semijóias and other objects expensive and valuable at home. And do not forget to bring comb or brush and a catch (elastic, piranha etc) if the locks are medium to long, invest in ticks and staples.

Sunglasses. Another essential item, sunglasses protect the eyes and face, areas quite delicate to receive direct aggression from UVA and UVB rays. Just do not forget to get them out-if you do not want to get off the beach with a tiny brand of sunglasses on your face-if you decide to go outside under the umbrella to get a tan.

Hats. Styles and protectors, hats are indispensable items in the beach bag. There are several types and models, such as panama, hat, colorful. Choose the best that has to do with your personality and beautiful and protected parade on the beach!

Beach and Canga exits. Made of lightweight fabric, they are ideal for comfortable walking and well-worn beach sand. High in fashion, they can be found in varied styles and color options and designs. It is a guarantee of success on the beach and without leaving the body very exposed.

Book. If you go to the beach unaccompanied, the class, the children and the husband have decided to take a walk on the beach, take the time to read. A good book is always a great company.But on the beach, choose to take the versions in pocket books, pocketbooks, stories and themes that you enjoy, because they do not take up so much space in the bag.

Cell phone. Finally, the item is more than essential for almost all people, especially women, nowadays. The cell phone. This item is essential, but deserves more attention. When handling your device, make sure your hand is dry and clean, and when it is stored, place it in a plastic compartment inside the bag. Taking proper care, headaches will be avoided!

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