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Heiraten! Jetzt! Sofort!

Granted, getting married so badly I don’t actually, but when I looked at France Amériques me on Sunday within the framework of the Paris fashion week in the beautiful show of kaviar Gauche in the salon with her bridal fashion, I fell short in my small girl schema, if you dream of the perfect wedding, and still more of the perfect wedding dress.
And there it is again: to feel to want wear get married only to a beautiful dress. Only a few labels bring to such a wedding to dream me like kaviar Gauche. But not only the wedding dresses were a dream – even the makeup.
Since I the blond hair fell in I am entirely in this ice princesses look like Catrice has created him for kaviar Gauche.
Eyes relatively clean and bright makeup and lips in a beautiful, bright, some peach-colored clay, which mixed two-color was. A fantastically elegant makeup works also in everyday life and which I to will sometimes make-up anyway.

Collected no less than Loni Baur, one of the most renowned stylists in Germany, incidentally, has this look that has worked not only for the most important magazines, but also for many many international brands looks created, as least for Celine, that she still worked on the same day.
No wonder that I wanted to ask a few questions be sure you!

The interview

Loni you kindness as one of the best make-up artists of in Germany and have already worked for many great labels and magazines. What would you say makes you different from other make-up artists?
“This is a question that you can answer even very difficult. I was very critical my work to my life. My urge to continuously to improve myself, is probably my biggest secret.
I’m Yes quite known to surprise with makeup, and sometimes also to polarize. I love to find new ways to play with makeup, and thereby to show the fun of the matter. Creativity and technical sophistication are my passion.”

What are trends for the H/W your makeup season?
“Autumn/winter is actually already gone. Currently, I am again full at the trends for spring / summer 2016.
In the autumn, dark shades of red on the lips are very hot. The color ROUGE NOIR is generally in all its aspects very much. No matter whether on lips, or as eye shadow. Great for blue eyes!
“The nude look is also, somewhat fresh, so with more ´ blush ´ interpreted.”

And what doesn’t?
“We should be rather bronze colored blush, Brown lipsticks and blue eye liner in the closet. :)))”
Too dark Smokey eyes are not really said.”

What betonst you prefer? Lips or eyes? Why?
“For the job I tend my models to do so, preferring to emphasize the eyes. It BB´s all about the eyes – eyes are the mirror of the soul. I love just great made-up eyes, it does not on the strength of the make-up. Even quite discreetly painted eyes are always an eye catcher.
I like it but also by bright red lips a clear statement to put. If the rest of the face is quite discreet make-up, to look always fresh so.”

What product can you renounce never?
“I love my Eyelash curler and a good eyebrow gel. This creates equal right in the face. :)))“

And which product from Catrice do you find particularly good?
“I like very much the matte lipsticks. Today I’m wearing, for example, one!”

Do you have a beauty trick that you always apply and would share with me?
“Some women underestimate how important is the preparation of skin for a perfect make-up result. Only a clean and soft skin can absorb the makeup. You should take so much time to prepare. Especially in the winter it is advisable to use a somewhat richer day care and long and carefully into the skin to rub them.
I’m after a first coat like a large part of the skin powder-free. Intentionally induced highlights of the skin look younger made me look. Rouge I place like from two different colours in circular movements on the cheeks. Pink shine with a hint of Orange cheeks like a ripe apricot. It looks alike very fresh.”
And for all the love the Catrice x caviar Gauche look after would make-up there here detailed instructions 🙂


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