Hot Sneakers for Fall 2016

If you want to look beautiful, you can use the sneakers and not suffer: that’s what we find for the winter season.

Not just heels, not just shoes to sway, as a song, to be sexy and elegant. We also need to be able to walk comfortable in our movements, in those days where important is moving, but we always want to have a minimum of elegance. So, even by big brands, here are the sneakers, walking shoes of Directoryaah.

We start with one of the leading brands in this market, the Geox.
The mark of Treviso in a few years has created its own marketplace, becoming, thanks to a competitive price and an innovative patent of transpiration of shoe, a model of elegance and practicality in the shoe. Breathable leather shoes, the newest online Snake, into five combinations of autumn colors: black, brown, burgundy and cream mixed together, low outsole with strings.

If you don’t want to give up a minimum of “heel”, there are the black suede, shiny model Alaya and bronze edges, or, always in black, shiny and opaque the model Ada with velcro fastening with velcro.
Big news is the Energy line Walk, in three different color schemes which, while having a sporty, they make you exercise while you walk.

We pass from the Veneto to brands: Hogan presented in his new collection changes to his current Interactive raised, very classic pattern in shades of grey micro suede and leather and sequins, or in paint, always in gray, or totally brown. Then remain the classic leather and suede in the brown, dark brown, dark blue and black.
In most sports, Olympia line because they are flat, we find more colors such as green, purple and grey, the novelty is the black patent leather and suede in striped effect.

The historic brand Superga, that soon will take 100 years for this winter has partnered with K-Way, temporarily abandoning the shoe breathable cotton padded nylon and internally lined with fur. The black, grass green, grey, white. Superga also has the suede line with autumn colors.

Even Louis Vuitton has done a new pair of sneakers, certainly very particular, grey and black woven leather to form a checkerboard.

Instead, Gucci uses the cloth with his Monogram double G’s, in beige and brown, both for a classic version or a model more ankle. There is also in electric blue with logo highlighted by a stitched color on color.

And the Americans? All Star, Chuck Taylor version (the tall one), for this winter has put on sale a new proposal, changing the sole, in a heavier material for cold weather and there will be only three colors: black, navy blue and pink salmon.

This is just a small panorama of what they do big brands about sneakers to use even to go to the office. Also found in the chains Zara and H & M of sneakers priced definitely more approachable than the previous ones. The choice is so vast that you will surely find the pair you like.