How to Buy an Antique Clock

Antique clock decorate any-not only classic interiors, but antiques must be chosen with care. On some models stay? We offer a detailed guide.

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Grandfather clock in a wooden case-a symbol of the family’s stability and continuity of generations.

1 Clocks

The oldest clock. Put chasyna the floor came up with the British stadigDen XVI century. In our time, as then, the floor chasydemonstriruyut chic and status that gives the Interior solidity. Great body needs to make it an compartment for pendulum stroke. It is often made with glass doors to view a detailed mechanism. This requires a large luxury rooms and, in any case, should the old floor clock is not put in a corner and mdash-this central interior design.

How to Buy an Antique Clock 1

Console clock traditionally furnished mini-sculptures, gilding and fine carving.

2 Console clock

The sculptural magnificence. In XVI-XVII centuries seems more beskednesize models already can be put on a special console table. On the tables, pedestals placed primarily decorative objects, vases and figurines, then console clock is richly decorated with sculptures and marquetry. Porcelain, cast, decorated with paintings, precious and semi-precious stones, such hours & mdash-a real work of art. The sculpted scenes on biblical themes are designed to be reminded about the impermanence of time and create a philosophical mood.

Most modern clocks have a quartz mechanism. Quartz watches are mistaken for a maximum of 15 seconds per month according to The old mechanical watch can win or lose up to 40 seconds per day, they need to be regularly wind. Quartz less whimsical, but over time the quartz aging and looks set to win. In contrast to quartz, mechanical watches with proper treatment can serve for centuries.

In the picture: 03 hours/Mantel clock Alessi factory.

3 Carriage clock

For traveling long distances. In order to take hours on the road, had jegpakke them in a sturdy protective case and fasten the special handle. Another important difference between coach hours & mdash-height does not exceed 30 cm. At the present time, these clocks look great on a desk or Mantel. Be careful: with ads buy old watches often respond to scammers. A lot of fakes on the market, which are issued for antiques.

How to Buy an Antique Clock 2

4 Mantel Clocks

living room decoration. Mantel clocks appeared in France in the XVIII century. Designed for the fireplace the portal, they are often supplemented with items of decoration in the same style: vases, candlesticks molded statuettes marble. Porcelain watch cases elaborately painted and decorated with wood carvings & mdash-and brass and marble was used for the manufacture of shells. These watches & mdash-excellent living room decoration.

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Chimney hours today does not necessarily have a fireplace: they decorate and a desk and a chest of drawers, and a coffee table.

Buy an old clock, even decorate the inside “-I think that many fans of antiques. But don’t forget that old clock capricious and require attention. The first mechanical clock was required to start every 12 hours. With the passage of time and improved mechanism of stroke increases. The most common mechanism was eight. Mechanical watches require maintenance-every few years, they should be lubricated with a specialist.

5 Cuckoo-clock

Comfortable watches. They invented the Germans at the beginning of the XVIII century. Originally conceived role, it was assumed, Dick Cuckoo to his cries will be reminded about the impermanence of life and the call to repentance. But the cock was very difficult to reproduce. Therefore, all the glory went cuckoo. Before hours & mdash-two flute and two bottles use suspended weights ticking. In fixed time fur swell and blowing whistles. Cuckoo clocks are preferred in the kitchen or in the library, but adequate and at the Office, and in the hallway. Most models are made of carved wood, so it is a good thing when there are wooden elements in the Interior.

How to Buy an Antique Clock 3

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Cuckoo clocks today is no longer exclusively a property of country style. Modern designers compete in creativity, inventing witty author interpretation.