How to Choose First Baby Shoes

You are barely given the emotion of seeing your little one take his first steps already run buy him a pair of baby shoes in the first store that comes to you. Hold on! Especially no rush.

How to Choose First Baby Shoes

Do not like me who am eager to go buy baby shoes to Arthur as soon as he has lined up 2 steps! I remember went buy shoes in synthetic material rising to the level of the ankle and with a very thick and very rigid sole. On top of that, I have taken a size up because Arthur had a “kick” strong enough, so I couldn’t get his foot in the shoe appearing to be “to its size. In short, the absolute opposite of what to do!


-He struggled to move on all fours
-He walked like an automaton
-He kept falling

3 hours after this grotesque purchase (and I was a little ashamed), I went back to the store to get refund now! I started without delay searches to find shoes baby adapted to the morphology and the first not a child according to

Through this article we’ll show you the criteria in the selection of shoes for your baby and you will see that the good ‘ first baby shoes not’ are scarce! However, be reassured (e) they are discoverable!

What the first baby shoes?

Physiologically speaking, we have no need to put shoes. In many countries, children and adults walk barefoot and are no worse (or better).

However, we will agree to say that in France we walk in shoes when you are outdoors.And that came in handy in the winter when it is very cold

Keep in mind than the shoe that is most appropriate to the baby’s feet is his bare foot. So, when he is at home, feel free to put it barefoot or with a good pair of socks if it’s cold. Arthur was very long in socks at home and always barefoot during the summer.

Shoes for your baby’s first steps must therefore be more minimalist as possible. The goal is to find a shoe Recalling the most bare foot while supporting a minimum.Growth and physiology of baby position must not be impeded by the shoes.

The criteria are:

-lightness: for not to weigh down the foot
-natural composition: to mold to the shape of baby’s feet (leather / textile)
-ultra-thin base: in order to feel ALL the sensations and the different aspects of the ground
-comfort: to be comfortable and not to impede the movements of the market

To be certain that the sole is extra soft you can proceed to the next with the shoe test:

f you can fold entirely the shoe means that the sole is thin enough to not hinder the smooth running of your baby.

4 Ideas conveyed by the sellers of baby shoes and not hinder the first

“The truth… your boy has the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen.”

« Choose rising baby shoes that provide good support for the foot and ankle.

On the contrary, the child must find his support naturally without his ankle is welded at its foot. It is important for his foot to keep all its natural flexibility. It is at this time that the first foot muscles will work.

“Choose shoes with laces baby that better keep the foot and allowing better tighten shoes.”

Instead, choose shoes that are easy to put on and which don’t compress small baby feet. Is that what you are in your shoes when you tighten them too?

“Always take a size bigger.

It is important to take THE size fits your child, IE its actual size. This measure of the foot of your baby beforehand. May be you need to buy shoes every 3 months, but what’s more important than the absolute comfort of the baby’s feet?

“Prefer the big soles so that baby is stable”

Quite the contrary, the sole must be as thin as possible so that baby feels well ground.Thin soled shoes will be able to help him understand the different surfaces and the different hot tub.

We finally found our happiness with the English Robeez brand on sale in shops of shoes and on the Internet. In fact, one of the internet shops created a guide the flexible shoe which helped us well at the start.
The only problem with Robeez is that their baby shoes stops at 18 months. However they have shoes up to size 30. In all cases, keep in mind that choosing first shoes not for boy or girl, the number 1 criterion is the comfort of baby. I want regardless of aesthetics, the comfort of the foot of prime baby!

And on the side of the shoes for baby?

As for shoes, you can forget the shoes with hard soles that remove all the sensations of the ground.

“Is d best” opt for a liner type ‘slipper’, i.e. full leather (footwear and sole). There is no better on the market. Some brands offer even templates filled for the winter. Little babies feet are so warm!

When should I renew baby shoes?

There is no precise answer to this question. Check regularly by “pinching” the tip of the shoe to make sure that your baby doesn’t have the feet curled up inside.
Some children grow fast feet, much less regularly, others will change size. We cannot give you better advice than to observe your child!

And finally, I invite you to read this article for How to help baby to walk. You will see that the simplest things are often the best to develop the market for your child.
Discover how do I fall asleep my children:
-quickly and peacefully. I don’t have more crises at bedtime.
-with much less night Awakenings. I’m finally healthy in the morning.
-anywhere with friends or family. I found quiet evenings.
-all this respecting them and without letting them cry.