How to Choose The Right Jeans

The family of John is so full that it is sometimes difficult to decide.Black or blue, colorful or washed out, you hesitate in front of the closet to each program change? Follow a few guidelines to simplify the choice with Biba!

Raw denim jeans

It’s inescapable Jeans store in a dressing room, it’s him. The deep of the raw denim indigo blue, sometimes almost black, always elegant, is available according to the occasions without any difficulty. A day at the office? Bet on a clean hem, a pair of Ballet flats or pumps and a quality, well cut shirt in soft colors. Add a graphic necklace, a straight blazer and voila!

You prefer casual? Treat other jeans shoes : sneakers, sandals, boots or shoes. Fold the bottom of the pants on one or two back to discover the ankle, complete with a tee-shirt or a sweatshirt, the allure is provided…

Choose the Right Jeans

Faded jeans

The faded jeans is part of the guide to the John, in acid wash for an almost polar blue, or simple wash for a medium blue. It displays a selection of infinite hues, and varied wear, until the false folds and snags. And comes in all cuts possible, the boyfriend to the straight jean!

Jeans faded yet retains a connotation sport, little suited to the occasions. It is the prerogative of the weekend or outings, holidays and evenings, feminised by a delicate top and sandals with heels, or stressed by sneakers and short a top. Only concession to a more glamorous look? A slim, high heels and a suit jacket!

Color jeans

We must look closely to recognize the painting of John , or identify pockets and rivets.Color jeans finally looks little like jeans, but displays all the assets, style to the strength.The real difference? An infinite choice of colours to combine according to your wishes. Not going to be limited. The choice of the jeans according to the occasion takes more color than in his denim!

Combine the pastels for a cocktail, fresh colors for summer, warm for the winter… and customize, especially, the shoes to your jeans, as accessories. Lavender blue jeans, a top pumps suited for a baptism, or a pair of jeans and white yellow sun with a fuchsia tank top and flip flops Emerald on vacation? A single rule, limit the contrasting colors to three per look, the monochromatic to five, on average, to avoid the effect of Harlequin.

Black jeans

Looking for a stylish jean, capable of being forgotten in a smart dress? Count on the black jeans! Basic wardrobe, it fits without any difficulty to dinner dressed in a V-neck sweater and shoes with heels. It turns even in uniform with a matching suit jacket, and play without difficulty the chic sport version with a pair of sneakers and a jacket… His little more? Bit messy and not washed out, it lasts long!

White jeans

As elegant as is, the white jean displays a default size: it does not support the slightest task. Book it easily controllable opportunities, dinner with friends the professional cocktail, or denim jacket . In all cases, avoid wearing it for a picnic or a trip to the campaign! Keep distance of the lawn, the land of puddles or children… and wear slim, rolled on the ankle to limit risk. Attention, also, to the chosen lingerie, which must be completely invisible.