How to Choose the Shirt Size

Long considered an undergarment, the shirt (formerly vest or undershirt) became a room full of around 40-50 years to become today a basic essential of menswear. There are many: long-sleeved round neck pocket, printed, cotton, bicolor … The T-shirt is for everyone and almost all body, it is still necessary to choose the right. That is why you are given two to three tubes learn to select the shirt that will fit you perfectly.

How to Choose the Shirt Size

The cup

Before anything else, remember to pay attention to the cut. The T-shirt should not be too curved or too wide and should not mark your bidou especially if you are slightly overweight.It can emphasize your chest, if you have drawn chest, but do not choose the molding. A shirt too close to the body efféminera you and make you ridiculous, as if you had stung the shirt of your little sister. Take it to your size! For the length, not too short, we should not see your belly button once arms raised, not too long, it’s not a tee-shirt a skirt. It will cover your belt but should not fall below your fly.


After taking care of the cut, we must be vigilant with sleeves. Ideally, sewing them should be positioned at the angle formed by the shoulder and arm. If the seam falls on the deltoid muscle is that the check shirt is too big and if it goes on the shoulder is that it is too small or just the shirt is cut badly! When at length, the sleeve should cover the top of your biceps 1 or 2cm around. As for cutting, make sure that your biceps will not be coiled in the inning. For check shirts with long sleeves, according to Mensshirtsshop, they must finish on your wrist, not your hand. Finally, if you with huge arms bodybuilders know that no shirt will fit you!

The neck

Put simply, we will not discuss here the two types most frequently worn collar in humans, namely the round neck and V. If you opt for a round neck (personally preferred) make sure that it is not too ras du neck is ugly and you will have trapped air. For the V-neck, the big mistake not to make is choosing the plunging too. Gentlemen, if you want your muscles to be admired wait the time swimsuits but please stop the V-neck navel happens to you, it’sinelegant! When the edge of the collar, it should not exceed 1cm wide nor too worked at the risk of appearing cheap.

The T-shirt or white original

If it was you that it would be the one! The white T-shirt made famous men to the point of wearing them at fashion icon rank as James Dean or Marlon Brandon. With a gross jeans or black and even with a nice wool pants, white shirt will ensure you a simple but certainly successful look. You can also splurge on a t-shirt graphic / print or colorful but attention to certain reasons, we are not teenagers. When the colors, avoid shirts too gaudy or flashy colors or doubtful that you’ll struggle to match with the rest of your outfit. Just choose the t-shirt according to your look of the day and play with shades of colors.

Materials, price, brands

If you are not yet doing it, pay attention to matters of the clothes you buy. For a t-shirt, the ideal material remains 100% cotton with a reasonable weight (above 140-150g / m2) so that it is not too light and it resists and takes time. For summer, you can opt for a t-shirt in linen, very nice when it’s hot. In terms of price, we advise you not to exceed € 40-50 beyond you will pay more the brand and because the cut and fabric. If you buy a shirt 4.95 € do not expect either to accompany you for years, although some are incredibly resistant to that price. Some brands are known and recognized for the quality of their t-shirts as Petit Bateau or Uniqlo but you will also find good models at Monoprix, American Apparel and even Decathlon (yes, really). It’s your turn!