How to Dress Jacket

Whether for women or for men, there are different kinds and shapes of jackets. Some are long, the other half long or short the same, the choice of the length is made according to your body shape and your size. One must know how to choose your jacket, in fact the main one is that the latter is properly fitted, well reach the level of your shoulders (the seam should be level with your shoulders) and your back, you must also be careful the length thereof in the arms, it is neither too short nor too long. And of course depending on your complexion the color choice is important. There are long sleeve jackets and other three quarter sleeves.

Ideal colors of the jackets are black, gray, navy blue and beige. Avoid patterned jacket when you have curves. When you are slim and tall you can wear long and short jackets while if you are small or round must avoid wearing long jackets that might squeeze you.

Generally jackets are worn during mid-season, but others can be worn at work or in the evening at any other time of year.

The jackets are used to add a finishing touch to your outfit and be well dressed.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets were first worn by the bikers, but then other people started to wear since then leather jackets are much in demand. in leather jackets give a masculine look in a man and a little rebellious in a woman. You will often have to break your piggy bank is to have a beautiful and quality but you will keep it very long because leather is a material that lasts over time. Now, with a leather jacket you will not look like a biker, but rather a person with the class through the lovely details that can be seen on leather jackets.

There are also lovely faux leather jacket that are very well copied and often at unbeatable prices

Dress Jacket

The dress jacket was primarily a jacket worn by soldiers of the time. She is known to be a light jacket. You can wear it in mid-season when there is little wind, for example, due to its length it covers you many small gales. You can choose to let your closed or open trench, the two give you a nice look. A dress jacket is not out of style even on Mensjacketsstore, you can keep several years this is why you should hesitate to invest in it by putting a good price. The dress jacket is a long jacket but do not count on it during cold winter or when it rains.


The blazer is a jacket that allows you to be chic! One must know how to find his. You can wear at any age and whatever your body type! You can wear it with an elegant outfit as with a rather casual. The blazer has become a base for everyone’s wardrobe, you have the opportunity to bring the evening to travailou to walk .. If you want your blazer is timeless, I advise you to choose a color simple as black or gray, and buy-one single.

Jean Jacket

The denim jacket is a jacket that focuses spring or evening when it is cool in summer, there are dark jeans or light but also in other shades such as pale pink, gray .. You find simple denim jackets but also other with short sleeves or the sleeves are leather. Like other jackets mentioned above, if you choose well a simple denim jacket, you can keep several years.

How to accessorize your jackets?

You can also wear accessories to your jackets:

  • A scarf or a scarf: This is ideal when it costs a bit
  • A beret or even color your hat jacket