How to Match a Brown Jacket


Clothing is a matter of choice, but it is not simply choose which head wear, but also-and especially-to evaluate the color combinations of all that we’re wearing. A great classic that works almost on every occasion, from the most formal to the most colloquial or domestic, is the brown jacket: a solid that is pleasant, yet not too challenging. Yet it is not always easy to know exactly what match a brown jacket. Let us see some useful idea about the matter.

How to Match a Brown Jacket

First we have to decide what kind of brown that we wear: we can opt for a light brown, almost beige or ochre, or for a darker brown and decided by
We analyze the first case, which, while it may seem the most complicated, in fact, with the right combinations, will give a nice effect. We can choose to match our beige jacket with other bright colors, keeping us then click colors such as cream or white, perhaps breaking with a more colorful tie. Another thing that could work in this case, for example, a shirt celestina. Will, however, look quite sporty, exploitable in different occasions. A bit more difficult to combine a jacket light brown to dark colors, but even in this case we can find valid combinations. A dark blue trousers, for example, can make the bill.

Even if you choose a dark brown jacket, however, we have several choices. We can keep ourselves out of dark tones, combining maybe same colored pants. But it would be good, in this case, break up with something clearer, it’s a t-shirt or shirt. To avoid black, which gives it a nice effect with the Brown, unless it’s a jacket more tending to red blood , then Yes, we can also afford to match it to something much darker. As for dark colours we can also indulge with a nice army green or point to the warm colors, such as red, burgundy or mustard. If we want to be on the safe side, however, we can pair it to something white.

Finally, here’s one last tip to keep in mind: with any shade of brown, there is always one color that manages to masterfully match: we are talking about the gold, seeing is believing!