How to Measure Your Bras

How to measure your chest? What are the things to check before buying a new bra? You will find advice and answers to all your questions.

How to Measure Your Bras

It seems that many women do not know their bra size. Why?

In fact, one study showed that 8 out of 10 women do not wear the right size bra. This is a disaster, both in the aesthetic plan that comfort! Sometimes we find clients who wear the same size bra for over 30 years! Now the chest changes with the years, pregnancy … Even if it is difficult for a woman to understand that size is not necessarily the same as it was a few years, she finally realize it is more rewarding for it to change size. I explain this phenomenon by the fact that women are not sufficiently measured in lingerie stores. Ideally, it should remeasure its chest size every year.

How do you take your measurements?

Even if he must face his shyness and modesty, it is better to take her measurements by a third party as a qualified lingerie saleswoman. But if you really can not do otherwise, turn it back measurement by placing the tape measure around the bust, battery under the breast. In terms of French sizes, add the number 15 to the figure obtained to determine its size. So a woman who obtained a round bust 80 cm will be 95 back tower. Then we take a cap (A, B, C, D …) according to the depth and volume of the breast.

How to tell if a bra is the right size?
If it is a bra that you already have, make sure that no smells of the day: neither ramp that shoots or armature that moves … If the bra is the right size, we forget all day. At the time of purchase, this is different because it is difficult to know in minutes if the model fitting is comfortable or not.

What are the things to check before buying a bra?
We must first see if the between-cap is snug on the torso, even make arm movements in the dressing room. This shows whether the depth of cap and size of the frame is good. Frames, they must also be plated under the breast, or too far below or above. Otherwise, we see that it makes blisters on the chest or in the armpits. In the back, the bra should be level and should in no case go up. It may need to adjust the straps, but be careful not to overtighten! This is unsightly marks. We often think that these are the straps that provide support, but it’s wrong! The maintenance is mostly done by the back and stapling.

Precisely, what clip should we fix it?
As demonstrated on ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, the bras usually have three staples. The ideal is to use the middle one to buy, because this leaves a margin if you lose weight or if it grows. Nevertheless, one can choose to squeeze the maximum if the material is slightly elastic, such as microfiber.

How do you advise to her bra in the morning?
Rather than close the staples in front and turn the bra with the risk of twisting the frame, I advise women to put on first braces and then the staple. This allows to place the breast in the cap. Once the bra set, it is important to bring it within the front, pulling a little bra backwards.