How to Prevent Your Tattoo from Fading?

The tattoo is for life. We all know that. But you need to be aware that changes will occur within the first few days after the tattoo is made. That’s because when the drawing is done, it looks sharper and vivid in the first few hours and days, but as the skin heals, the tattoo becomes more opaque.

How to Prevent Your Tattoo from Fading

However, this natural process need not be a disappointment! There are ways to prevent the tattoo from fading too fast.

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Quality Tattoo

Fading or early aging of the tattoo occurs a lot due to the poor quality of the paint, which will lose its luster quickly. Also the choice of colors influences: tones of magenta, red, purple, yellow and orange fade first. Already black, navy blue and dark green take longer. Choose your tattoo artist or tattoo artist very well. When handling the needle, it is necessary that the correct layer of the skin is reached, because if it is on the surface, the risk of premature fading is greater.

Sun and weight

Avoid the sun. Calm down, you do not have to turn into a night creature. Abuse the sunscreen over your tattoo when you leave the house and it is exposed. Ask someone to apply care about the outline of the tattoo if it is on the back or back of the arms and legs. So you protect the design but do not spread too much protective around, leaving the skin spotted there. The weight gain, unfortunately, can modify the tattoos, “deforming” contours and ripping the colors.

Caring for your tattoo

Care begins as soon as you leave the tattoo studio. The first three days are decisive: follow all the instructions of the tattoo artist, with medicine application, sanitation, dressing application, etc. Thus healing occurs quietly without inflammation and irritation.

Capriche in the hydration on the skin where the tattoo is. This is lifelong advice! Always keep skin clean and moisturized.

In addition to the sun, which should be avoided with the use of sunscreen or sun block , the chlorine in the pools also damages the tattoo. It is a strong chemical that can fade colors. If you practice water exercises in clubs and gymnasiums (which usually contain enough chlorine), wash the area of ​​the tattoo as soon as you leave the pool, using the moisturizer right away.