How to Shop for Leggings

To emphasize the beauty of their legs enough to acquire modern ladies leggings who this year became quite popular. Putting them on a walk in the club and social events. They are flexible and can be boldly combined with any clothes.

Like many others, leggings borrowed men. Before them made of leather moose and put on military parades. Now leggings pants have become purely feminine clothes, but made from different elastic materials not skin. In 80 years of fashion were leggings bright saturated colors and decorated them all crystals. Later they were forgotten and were considered a sign of bad taste. But times are changing, fashion returns. Thanks to modern designers leggings get a second life and now almost any fashion they have.

A Variety of Female Leggings

To make leggings use material with the addition of Lycra. Styles presented on the catwalks, the most common: short, “Capri”, covering the ankle can be free and strong decorated with various patterns.

  • Women colorful leggings. As for colors, bright saturated hues are still in vogue: burgundy, green, blue, neon – they are all excellent mood and will delight the eye. Such leggings chosen bold and eccentric girls.
  • Women leggings modern print. Leopard color under the skin of the reptile will undoubtedly draw attention to himself. It should also pay attention to the floral and geometric and abstract paintings.
  • Women leggingsFor those who can not boast thin legs and is overweight, and such models – a real salvation. Due to the dense material they sure any irregularities and to include figure. There female leggings large sizes that can easily be put on girls with colorful shapes, for example in money-changers or dress. Learn how to wear leggings on
  • Women leather leggingsStylish, sexy and modern. This suit has become a real hit this season. If you own shapely legs and a beautiful figure, then you are simply required to wear such a model.

Dimensions of the female leggings can also be various. It was earlier came only thin girls, and now they can be worn as small and girls and ladies with colorful shapes. Believe me, everyone can find a model figure.

From wearing female leggings?

leggings can wear under any outfit. In winter wear hot models in mini skirts, blouses, shortening the hippie dresses, vests and Houdini. For partying better choose bright patterns and stylish t-shirts blouses. Perfect will complement them chiffon shirts and denim shirts. Women short leggings can put on a short skirt or shorts. Such models can be decorated with beads, lace years, perforations or cord.

Women leggings summer most often come in bright colors and very thin and lightweight material. You can combine them with short dress, just cut loose shirt, jacket or long blouse. Remember that a variety of models is necessary to supplement these accessories.
If you do not leggings that tightly wrap around feet, and then select the upper hand a little freer. Then the way will be not vulgar. Also not release a model with sequins in the afternoon, this option would be more appropriate for parties and nightclubs.

Footwear is better to bring high heels, but are also suitable models or ballet flats.