How to Wash Your Lingerie

Today’s lingerie designs fascinate us so that we can get to spend small fortunes. We all know that quality parts are the best for us and we also know the value of each item, so when more logical would be treated with extreme care. Are you trying to to your lingerie in the way in which you deserve to be treated? Are you dedicating the time required? If you’re not sure, we invite you to read the following tips for washing, drying and save the most fragile of your wardrobe clothes.

How to Wash Your Lingerie

Wash them carefully

Exact. With care. Very carefully. The materials used for the manufacture of underwear garments are extremely sensitive: silk, satin, fine cotton, lace, etc. And nor that to speak of the details such as small stones, ribbons and elegant shine that give it a touch and value extra to the garment. It is only logical to dedicate some time to the careful washing of these items if you want to remain as the first day.

  • Read labels. By whatever you most want, read labels before you banish them from your garment. Manufacturers have taken the work to place them and something is. On the labels or packaging include the tips wash and care that will make your garment is preserved as well as possible for as long as possible.
  • Washing by hand whenever you can. If. In the era of machines washing with thousands of programs, the best choice for lingerie is still a hand wash (even if the manufacturer label says allowing the washing machine). If a garment has some difficult spot, put it a few minutes to soak and rub gently with a cloth in the water until the stain. Never use bleach to remove a stain which will achieve the opposite effect.
  • If lava machine takes the necessary precautions. If not you can get time for washing by hand, be sure that your machine try the lingerie as well as possible. Always choose short cycles, lava sparingly and separated from the rest of your clothes. Always fasten the braces so that they engage and damage other garments. It uses a pillowcase or a network to place the bras and panties inside and avoid the wires of your clips to destroy the washing machine.
  • Avoid hot water . Water at high temperatures damage the fibers of the fabric and elastic, as well as being not very good for the conservation of the colors. It is always use warm or cold water.
  • Use the right detergent . Remember that you are washing very delicate so the choice of SOAP is important. Many brands have a special line for this type of clothing. Always make sure that it does not contain chlorine or perborate.

Rinse and dry them carefully

Once you’re done with the wash comes time to rinse and dry.

  • Until there are no more SOAP. Rinse each piece consciously and make sure that it is not any trace of SOAP. If remains, it may affect tissues, percudir gender and cause discomfort in your skin as a skin rash.
  • You do not escurras. Not ever twist a bra to remove excess water. Especially those with pads, since deformarás them forever. Place the part padded between the palms of your hands and press until the excess water has been completely.
  • Not to the dryer. If you’re like me, the dryer is one of your best friends, but on the occasion of the drying of lingerie you set it aside. The heat from the dryer will affect the material fibers, can warp parts and affect the size and color of them. Choose outdoor (avoiding direct sunlight) or leave clothing horizontally on a clear towel.
  • Not grilled. Never iron your underwear. The heat of the iron can impair and damage tissue and cause discoloration of clothes.

Store them with care

You have to wash and dry your underwear and it is time to save it. The way in which you store your lingerie (click here for big size) is also very important for their conservation.

Each one in its place. It is always that they are separated from the rest of your clothes. This is a matter of hygiene and protection of the garments since they can be caught with buttons or different accouterments.

Keep the order. Maintain order in your underwear drawer not only is important for the purposes of find what you need quickly. (Especially the bras and corsets) places each folded piece carefully so they do not lose their original shape.

Protect them. If I have not repeated enough times, here goes again: the underwear is very delicate and therefore can tear, snag and break very easily. If you have clothing in a drawer, be sure to cover it with a paper of silk or soft fabric so that it engages with the rails or the wood of the furniture.