How to Wear Maxi Necklace?

The maxi necklace is useful. It can give your clothing a touch of charming and totally change your style.

Many people want to be different from others by wearing some unique accessories, but not everyone wants to use a very large, colorful maxi paste.

For those who want to wear a delicate necklace to draw attention, a necklace collar (also called Peter Pan collar) may be extremely helpful.

This kind of collar can help you find the middle ground between the casual and the flashy, bringing you modern and comfort at the same time.

It conveys a feeling of childishness, fun and finery. The most interesting is that this maxi necklace combines with almost every piece of any wardrobe, let alone with the Peter Pan collar, which adds a vintage touch and cute feeling.

This accessory looks greater with a monochromatic outfit and brings charm to the romantic style. Whether you can combine it with a bold necklace depends on the material that is made. It can also be used with another. It is so charming and attractive. Do you agree?

The coolest is that this model of necklace can combine with various styles.

How to use the collar?

The secret to use this model of paste is to let it appear, without playing other pieces on top. But this type of paste can also be a charm with a shirt collar overlapping. If you are wearing a t-shirt, please do remember to wear one that has a collar. And it is extremely romantic if it can be combined with a dress.

It is a kind of maxi necklace that invigorates and refreshes any basic clothing. It is an accessory that lets you become the center of attention in visual.