How to Wear Printed Leggings

His first popular color leggings have won in the 80s, during the heyday of the cult disco and only brighter. Meanwhile leggings were made from synthetic fabrics in bright shiny acidic blossoms. Large prints. The first designers take a fancy to this outrageous detail clothes became Donna Karan, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

How to Wear Printed Leggings
Color leggings wore pants instead and combined with dresses, sweaters, short leather jackets, plastic clips and high bouffant. Tight fit pants and causes trick fabrics have become a kind of challenge to the stability and bourgeois time.

Today’s bright leggings differ from their counterparts from the era of disco. Prints have become more interesting and realistic, tissues more pleasant to your body and things that you can combine leggings is much more according to Digo Paul.

The problem of choice: printed or a simple model?

Modern models hit color saturation and richness of invoices. Here you will find bright leggings gold or silver, and plain pink or red leggings and models with interesting patterns. The latter represent about fashion, most interest as stylized print can successfully complete the image of a romantic or punk style. The most popular models are:

  • Animalistic dies (tape “zebra” or “tiger” in spots leopardstyle);
  • Floral prints;
  • Images of the cosmos and the galaxy;
  • Ethnic motifs;
  • Picture symbols (flags, words, portraits)

The wealth of paintings lets you use leggings in themed attire. Thus, the image in ethnic style will complement the models with Scandinavian model, romantic – leggings with a floral pattern and glittering onion – leggings with print “Leopard” or “American Flag”. If you do not want to attract too much attention, then use dark blue or gray leggings. They combine with many styles and do not change the proportions of the figure.