How to Wear Short Skirts

The short asymmetrical skirt is a trend from previous years to 2015 that was successful for its versatility. Discrete short length is visible on the back. The front part is made in two layers as transfixed skirts. For waist height on average, in line with the navel, is good with a baby look.

short pleated skirt

Set the colors when I wore it. The skirt of one color and the shirt of another work out virtually in every combination. Enjoy what is fashionable to mix black with white, with sandal gladiators to show.

The model of M. Officer in salmon is a hit!

The model of Marisa short smooth feminine skirt is beautiful. It is made of polyester and elastane and closing is on the side with button and zipper. It looks good with sneakers, pumps, tennis. Just choose what makes you more comfortable and enjoy.

The short skirt has not escaped the trend. The pregnancy fashion brought the stamped velvet in origami model with fold detail at the waist and side pockets. It is closed at the back with invisible zipper.

Check out more skirts models!

It’s a super chic skirt asking for a cardigan or even a kimono can be with different texture of the skirt to give a break in the weight of the velvet. A smooth muslin shirt (which will also come with all) gives a soft touch. Use long, very long boots that will explode this year and ensure success.

The Urban Garden short skirt comes with floral print with front visor and pierced at the waist. It has front pockets and its closure is back zipper. The suggestion is to use it with peep toe shoes, a basic blouse in the shoe color and a blazer or jacket in the same print. Beauty and style are guaranteed.

Female fitness short skirt, fitness comes in same style. Shorts with a skirt over the top, gives grace and freedom and flexibility of movement. It is a piece for work out, so fashion academy, must be used obligatorily with tennis. You can give us varied tops in both models and the colors, the top leaves you uncomfortable, opt for wearing a tank top on top.

fitness short skirt

The look, comes with the short skirt in crepe pleated schoolgirl style is super behaved, but beautiful. The closure is on the side with invisible zipper and false pocket on the back.

Complete the look with short boots and half Larguinho without shoelace and multicolored shirt, which can be in liganete. The look will be light and comfortable.

The Quintess innovated the model of short skirts, made of viscose mesh, mixed with elastane, mix the animal print, having elastic waist, it is all puckered and even has front pockets. Indeed, it is a blouse having the same pattern.

Using with flat shoes is beautiful. You can still choose smooth and dry shoes. For the night peep toe can be used. Do not forget kimono jacket or in plain color.

On the whole text there are tips and suggestions to make your production a hit. Just use your imagination and creativity. And use what you feel beautiful, comfortable and with your face.


Enjoy this fashion. It can go creatively. Review your costume jewelry, which can be used, and dispose of those that will no longer be used. This will make it easier to view the wardrobe combinations. Besides I get rid of things that will no longer be used.

Always remember, whatever you do not use for a space of 6 months, probably will not use anymore. Clothes that you do not use, as well as objects that not useful should not be saved because they catch your life and not let you move on. Detachment is a magic word.

Also enjoy and check your makeup products. As it will be 6 months in a less cold climate and colors to make you already know what will be, dispose of everything with expired term or to win.

Enjoy the look of tips we spent every day and go gradually optimizing parts you like but you will be out of use.

This is called “liberation exercise” unnecessary attachment to all created with certain pieces of clothing or objects. And you learn to work the old outfits optimizing them.