I Know the Center of Everyone’s Attention

What noses to wear I to foo in such wedding? Red dress and saw me him in the last one, and the blue sky I have more than given… This used to be her conversation that I had with my inner self whenever approaching the date of one of the weddings to which it was invited. And it is clear that, with this, it is always the same: appears the same people, they are always followed and You can not repeat of outfit. Or Yes? You can combine attachments and make this go into the background. An example? Wearing a Crown of flowers the great sea. That Yes, today we show you some looks to be the star in a wedding without stealing the role of the bride.

And how to do it? Print dresses. Of those who could well be in a red carpet in the purest Hollywood, without resorting to the volumes and the quirky things. An example is this where the rhinestones prevails above all and straight lines make it divine and perfect. Sayan signs it and is available on their website.

Gown alternatives

But if you’re tired of always dress and the same as the others go, You can choose to combine maxifalda with blouse. Although it is already known: the combinations are a little risky so chooses to give prominence to one of the two parties. Example? If you go by one rhinestones maxifalda, the blouse that is smooth and in a classic color. If all the care falls on the top, will be the less flamboyant look skirt.

According to Sciencedict, although a garment that is being on the rise are the monkeys. Silk and vivid colors combine to perfection a belted jewel. I personally like the bright colors remove the sentences to one and makes it stand out above the rest.

What do you think about these options?

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