I Must Have Fashion Jewelry from Glamour Zone

A very, very good friend of mine has a slightly adventurous whimsy – she does not collect shoes or handbags, stamps or stones namely, how one could now expect. It collects books or lamps such as the Wolf also not like me. Oh no, my friend collects necklaces! In all possible colors, materials and shapes, whether short or long, colorful or solid, with her in the closet to find for truly every conceivable outfit a (or rather more) matching chains.

Opening her locker, so one encounters but also in a few pieces of clothing, a large part of the Cabinet but used by chains. We have tried at some point, we have given all these chains to sort or count… beyond the 300 but was still no end in itself. A disaster of a special kind is however, if once again the bracket of the garment racks gives up her spirit and download cracks – we were twice before a gigantic pile of verknoteter necklaces. It’s really no pleasure, all to unravel these chains and to hang separately.

I can not really understand now but basically this chain collecting and we raise it of course always accordingly so that, but sometimes I can very well understand it if namely a chain comes under, just would like to have right off the bat, no matter what come – do you know these situations? Something called love at first sight and of course I know this phenomenon not only jewelry, but many other things too, but the case is just about a certain chain named Claudia according to makeupnecessities.

Browsing the Internet I came she sees for the first time on it and as I, because I knew that they soon be mine would. Not only the chain braided grey leather I liked very much, but to bring the many distinctive and different, silver-tone pendant on large, oval rings, the Claudia thought. Eye-catcher is the chain not only by the supporters, but also by the large, silver ball, which sits above the trailer.

When I saw the price of 16,90 euro , I cheered inwardly, because Claudia was really, as I found a bargain. And even if I’m not allergic to, so I make always sure that the used materials as nickel-free as possible, because I here yes often borrow my stuff (or her borrow must, depending on how you see it * Han) and two friends are allergic to nickel.

Because a chain without a bracelet feels but a bit alone, I looked around a little glamour zone, where I had discovered incidentally Claudia. Finally I came across the “flying heart” bracelet , which fits perfectly to the necklace of Claudia, because here too gray, braided faux leather was used. Different-coloured, polished glass beads, decorative stones and other silver items are placed on the braided leather bracelet.

It owes its name “Flying Heart” the sweetheart that is held on the largest silver metal element only by two retaining ringsso that it seems a bit it would fly if it moves the arm. Also this bracelet is nickel-free metal, with a large, sturdy buckle , of course.

Wristbands I have to watch a little on the length, especially if the bracelet just like in this case is not adjustable because I have very strong wrists. But the 18cm length are perfectly around your wrist, without to constrict it. With a price of 24.90 euro is the “flying heart” bracelet in a somewhat higher price range, but eventually, it must fit into the chain, or?

As Pearl fan I’m still Getting Unstuck at the pearl necklaces , I myself on the one hand anyway not enough can see pearls, and because I wanted to have on the other hand has always been a six-row chain of small, fine Pearl. At a price of 9.90 euros for a six-row Pearl Necklace I needed no longer to think about whether I should buy one or not, the problem was what exactly I should get me much more. Dear white, rosé or violet freshwater pearls?

You want to shoot I decided then for the MIA necklace with delicate rose-colored pearls, because I can call my own already a few white bead necklaces and pink time would be a nice change of pace. The 0.5 to 0, 7cm large beads have been reared on a nylon thread, the chain closes with a silver-tone snap.

After a look at the Shipping (within Austria 4,95 euro, all remaining EU countries 6.95 euro) I gave up my order and tried to hold my anticipation in check. Fortunately I had to wait too long because my package met a well packed within a few days with me. All jewelry pieces were not only wrapped neatly in their own bags and use clear plastic bags, but also in soft tissue paper – unpacking made double and triple joy there.

Big Hello caused not only the Nice, personal greeting, but also a colorful, funny surprise gem, that thereby lay in my package. Namely the spring strap “Montezuma”, a white 5, 5 cm wide faux leather bracelet with snap fasteners to close, colorful feathers and ornamental stones. The particles it looks maybe a slight angle from, but just by the freaky color combination I love more – anyone who knows me, knows that I secretly like that crazy stuff. Is also a unknowns why I escaped the bracelet on my browsing tour through the shop!

But first I had to see Claudia in natura – unfortunately the attachment point was canceled just when the most prominent followers, namely large, sinuous cross apparently, so I thought now was a two-piece Claudia in hands. The glamour zone customer service responded immediately and above all very nice to my friendly mail and promptly sent me replacement, so that I can – present you now a complete Claudia she is not simply the crackers?

Although just the trailers are relatively heavy, the chain can be very pleasant to wear, not attaches itself and looks just great. The large, oval mounting ringswhich hang from the individual followers are what you could work a little. Who should consider welded (õàé.) are, so that they can – not bend up otherwise, nor a follower is lost at the end.

Super, the chain is completed by the bracelet, which matches the colour scheme and style super to the chain. The length is perfect for my “massive” wrist and the clasp keeps wellagain, though – at least for a bracelet the bracelet is relatively heavy. It nestles super on the wrist and I must look always fell in love with on the necklace or bracelet. And was I approached now very often on Claudia the necklace, finally it is an eye-catcher beyond compare.

Particularly like I wear but the Pearl Necklace MIA the last days. Through the tender pink pearls, the chain to some beautiful outfits can be wear and enhances this very noble. For 9.90 euros I did here a real bargain because beads look simply good – you can for every occasion wear and is always very well “adorned”.

So I am super satisfied with my order at glamour zone, in any case for not only the beautiful jewelry pieces come not only with me very well, but be admired from my girlfriends, but also the Nice customer service has convinced me that you pay attention at glamour zone always to his customers. The selection of a wide variety of jewelry pieces I really like, the shop is easy to navigate and based on the product photos you may be already a fine image of the individual pieces.

The prices for the jewellery is really top, there’s both jewels for the small wallet as even more expensive things, the shipping is fast and the jewelry pieces are carefully and securely packed. Absolute 1-A-grade, that I forgive here with joy!