Icon Garments – Valstarino 1935

When it comes to jackets with iconic status is often mentioned Baracuta G9 or Barbour Beaufort. A lesser known, but equally iconic jacket is Italian outerwear specialist Valstars classics Valstarino launched already in 1935.

This year, the 100-year jubilee Valstar started its operations back in 1911 in Milan. 25 years later launched the brand’s most successful model, Valstarino. The midjekorta length was together with the large surface pockets and the knitted collar, cuffs and elastic groundbreaking for a new sportier Jack fashion. With carriers such as Steve McQueen, Humphrey Bogart and Marlon Brando became Valstarino quickly iconic and model copied by other manufacturers. The jacket’s popularity reached its absolute peak in the 70s and 80s when Valstarino was a must for the fashion suktande men.

In the early 2000s, was re-launched Valstarino with a form very faithful to the original, but with a slightly more figure-hugging silhouette. Similarly, there is the jacket, which is still produced in Italian, is now available in more material than the classic suede quality. For the winter season can be seen among other models in various wool fabrics and nylon with dunfoder. Anyone who really have a unique jacket can by the brand’s own webshop define their own model with a variety of color choices.