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If Duffle

Among affordable and rugged outerwear for the winter season there are few who can match duffle. A durable workhorse for a more everyday emphasized style. Our site has selected some favorites.

As skipper jacket duffle has its origin in the marine. The original of the model comes from the British Gloverall that supplied the British Marines with durable outer garments during both world wars. The name comes from the Belgian town of Duffel, where the characteristic rugged woolen originally produced. Otherwise, the model might trademark, clip buttoning where the horn or wooden sticks attached by surface loops of rope or leather.

Although many designers in recent seasons draws inspiration from the archive and tried to recreate duffelns little ruffare feeling has garment today primarily come to be a symbol of intellectual preppy style. Not least through films like Dead Poets Society. The disadvantage of this model is that it is easily perceived as a bit too homegrown and splendid. The best tip to avoid the clichéd style is to try to tone down preppy influences and not wearing duffle full boarding school uniform with regimental striped scarf, club blazer, chinos and button-down shirt.


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