Men's Clothing

If the Skipper’s Jacket

Well-dressed uniformell with sporty feel. Although Skipper jacket hardly experience any heyday in the current fashion image has its loyal band of followers. A classic outerwear with a place in the closet.

The classic model is double-breasted with oblique and vertical pockets with flaps on the sleeves. Often in a slightly shorter length just cover jacket. Originally, keys in brass, which may not be recommended for those who want to wear their pea coat to a more well-dressed look. For the correct execution, this really is an outer garment that works together with the entire wardrobe registers.

Double breasted Nobody gives a face and elegant, uniformell feeling. In addition, with a hefty collar that protects against wind and rain. But be sure the fit. The cut must be close-fitting with a narrow cut armholes and marked waist.

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