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In Search Dandy

Today inaugurated the Nordic Museum exhibition Dandy who tries to find out what characterizes a true dandy. Alongside a retrospective on the dandy-liberalism with items from the Nordic Museet’s own archives, seven style personalities had to make his own interpretation of the dandy – where our site is on a small corner.

The exhibition will continue until January 1, 2011, fashion researcher Rickard Lindqvist, tailor Fredrick Andersen AW Bauer, stylist Lalle Johnson, designer Göran Sundberg, author Björn af Kleen, Mr. Judith founder Christian Quaglia and I myself had the honor to participate with each the contribution of the modern dandy. To check out all the contributions , click here where you can also vote for your favorite.

“Many have tried to answer who he is, what he looks like and where he comes from. For some dandy a specific person, for others a style or an attitude. In the exhibition, we follow the dandy in a maze through time and space. we call him the seams and when reviewing details of his costume. in the search dandy-liberalism essence, each expressing an important clue “- From the exhibition Dandy.

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