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In the Middle of the Desert

I just don’t know whether you know it yet, but about a month ago I was Dubai. Actually, I wanted to tell you much more from my trip, but honestly I totally forgot!
So I arrived yesterday on it according to the motto: “oh, there was even what…”

The trip was organized themselves by Pinko, an Italian brand that is internationally totally successful, but in this country only few people know – but that will change hopefully no later than with the opening of the store at the Munich Airport! I was there 3 nights along with great international girls like Sofie, Tamara, Maritsa and Eleonora and pets, it has been fun! Finally I was even at the top of the Burj Khalifa, also we have explored ‘The Palm’ and last but not least made a stop in the desert, where these photos are created.
The bottom outfit is from the current collection, which inspired a bit 70’s chic (and is really very very nice! Look!) and the black dress is from the forthcoming S / S collection, which will be soon available.

I’m back on the new in the desert in love and if you even have the opportunity in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to spend a couple of days – I! And if you’re already there, even take a look at the vast Dubai Mall. There is to discover not only a Pinko store, but also still a huge Aquarium.


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