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In the Spring of 2015 From Eidos Napoli

Today it is time for one of our absolute favorites from last summer’s Pitti Uomo trade fair. The Italian-American siblings to Isaia; Eidos Napoli has blossomed as one of the most exciting players. For spring 2015, the Creative Director Antonio Ciongoli glanced toward Ischia and named collection of “Il Cuore di Pescatore” and is inspired by the island’s port and fishermen.

What really feels inspiring with Eidos recent seasons is how well you manage the balance of casual and formal, and classic and innovative. The Florence-inspired blazer model Lorenzo with broad impact, longer coat length and full canvas construction continues to dominate in the collection, showing how a more classic silhouette can still feel anything but numb.

In an industry that seems just as terrified of longer jackets and high byxmidjor feels this type of feature as a breath of fresh air. How commercial it is the spring of 2015 remains to be seen but it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction if you ask us.

Eidos is so much more than just the company’s affordable costumes. The spring collection consists of a variety of knitwear, shorts and casual clothes which are combined in an inspiring way with the more tailored elements.

You see clear elements of Antonio Ciongolis background of both Michael Bastian as Ralph Lauren collection vacant garments and Eidos reveals a holistic approach that we think is very inspiring for such a young and small company.


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