Inspired by “a Piece of Clothing for (Almost) Every Age”

The Carnival of a garment for (almost) every life runs until October 31, 2016 and I am happy about the many different posts. The contribution by Bärbel has prompted me to show a current outfit with white blouse again. I’ll link this post not at the Carnival, but but it will be on November 3, 2016 – stimulated by Bärbel – a review to give, can be linked with the outfits that are inspired by the Carnival. This here for example.

Why this white blouse?

The tunic blouse is new. I like the long cut, so it fits good over narrow trousers. It is also made of 100% cotton and tightly woven. They wrinkle no more than to see the pictures and is little transparent for a white blouse. Also, I like that it has a high collar and is not buttoned. You not quite snow white, it in the pictures, but as usual not to recognize.

Difference between China collar and collar

To designate the collar shape I’ve made myself clever for the Designer of the railway guard House . I was not sure whether it is a China collar or a small stand up collar. As a child of the 1970s, I know from the Sesame Street: who does not ask remains stupid! Beates reply: “your collar is a collar. … A China collar has no transition.” Now the difference of these two forms of the collar is also finally clear – and it has nothing to do with the edge of the wool collar according to

Outfit with white blouse in autumn 2016

  • Blouse COS
  • Bikerjeans please!
  • Ankle boots camper
  • Silk scarf Yam Yam
  • Sunglasses ic! berlin
  • Wedding ring goldsmiths Mechlem
  • … and the mandatory Perlenohringe

What defines an outfit?

Also when Uschi from Aachen says that jeans and white blouse is no outfit, that’s one for me. What is an outfit? The Duden says that an outfit is “Clothes determine the external appearance, facilities, equipment” . A white blouse definitely influenced my appearance.

It was in the spring and summer 2015 my one-sided and Evergreen and becomes quite to the brand name of a person, just like other black shirts, turtlenecks or waisted skirts did her trademark. I saw Friday the post go white blouses with Fran and can only sign: Yes, white blouses always go!

High class casual chic or just plain boring?

The border between high class casual chic and boring dud is sure and everyone will see it somewhere else. Can you argue probably so long over it, such as through the residential areas north and South of the Elbe or left and right of the Rhine. As it is called at the end of the child, doesn’t matter for me, if I know that I feel comfortable in it. Well as outfit or not – today I am here in white blouse go.

Link party

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  • Fashion year 2016 in October, because I was wearing the outfit for brunch
  • Head & collar with the silk scarf
  • Inspired by a piece of clothing for (almost) every age in November

How is your relationship with white blouses?