Is about the Day of My Graduation

Oh, oh. Every good thing comes to an end and if I have to mention one of the best steps of my life that is the of the University. I remember it so fondly! I would love to go back and do the same things I did but enjoying much more from day to day. And if I remember a time with more affection than normal that is the graduation day. All my mates and I welcoming (with fear) to a new world: the job. But the previous weeks were ‘ hard ‘ and was the only thing that we talked about the girls: What to wear? Maria Castillejo last week asked us about dresses for graduation and here’s our response.

Obviously, depending on the University (or the school/Institute) the Protocol changes more or less, but as the day has to be a garment (the most resorted are dresses) that view but that you do not disguise (so). That is why I opted for a short dress, Greek style in beige and caramel. Today, maybe, I would by a set-based peplum skirt. Very ladylike all. The best? Used clothes that combined with other You can use them in many other situations.


If there is a portal of dresses for all events for all budgets that is ASOs. Here you will find everything and more. Are many options It is good that we can get out of there, but I have chosen three. What do you prefer?

  • Dress that plays with transparencies in pastel yellow (more colors available) by 39 ’ €56
  • Dressed in Navy Blue (more colors available) by 46 ’ €15
  • Dress coral color and body of macrame (more colors) 46 ’ €15


Personally for an event of this caliber I prefer light colors. What you will be easy to find something this season thanks to madness by the pastel colors, but always there are tastes for all and may you decant dark or a print model.

  • Dress with asymmetrical skirt stamped by 29 ’ €99
  • Dress full of sequins on crude oil by 35 ’ €99

Pull and Bear

Although many times it is not important the garment itself if not Add-ins. If it is the option that you want to (give importance to the bag, jewelry or shoes) opts for a dress smooth without more. That does not much but at the same time provide freshness.

  • Dress in mint green of asymmetric skirt by 27 ’ €99
  • Dress in lace pre-sixties 22 ’ €99
  • White dress with armhole by 27 ’ €99


Well, at this point it is possible to think: ‘ Ok, I like (nearly) all the ideas from aparentingblog but I want to go beyond. Innovate a little ‘. Then go for a peplum skirt or one simple skirt with a body with great force. It is the best option and that, particularly, I I would choose. The outfits that I like are the exposed by Zara, although it is there where we find a beautiful dress white ladylike who also can help us (combined with a Navy Blue Blazer (with gold buttons … see it).

¿He has served as a support my selection? More next week!

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