The Accessories Essential for a Winter Full of Style, Do Note Thomas?

Every day to get up there is something that varies in our routine (in gradual manner). That is the way out of the bed, and is that with the falling temperatures one does not realize but do not follow the same steps as in the summer. And to open the eyes behind mind is already thinking on the way of addressing, stylistically speaking, that day. As always, we say: for add-ins. Here are some guidelines that you will succeed this Winter 2015 / 2016 (and in many other occasions).

Bag 24/7

You have a 24/7 bag is something essential in the day-to-day of a fashionista (not only in the cold season). They are those bags that accompany you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To do this we must look for a versatile, comfortable, model in shades that can be used and that adapt to all.

  • Type bag black Zara, 69.95 EUR.
  • With handles and long strip of Bershka, 24.99 euros.
  • Black leather handle, 89.99 euros.
  • Handbag tote leather effect lizard in green forest of Whistles, 286,99 EUR.
  • Red by Topshop, 55 euros.
  • Colour cream and black ZAC Zac Posen, 272,86 EUR.
  • In detail in felt Uterqüe, 150 euros.
  • With golden chains of Sophie Hulme, 516 euros.
  • Print evening bag with detail of adjustable cord and remove bag and pon from Street Level, 51,99 euros.

In search of the perfect belt

Here’s another of those complements that serves 365 days a year: the belt that is your best ally. Find your BBF (best belt forever) and play with it when it comes to combine it and attach it to the waist: in the buckles on trousers, above a blazer, tying a thick coat, to wear oversize clothing… The options are endless.

  • Belt style boyfriend with detail from end of heart of Asos, 9.49 euros.
  • Leather design with belt style western and Retro Luxe London, 32,99 EUR buckle.
  • Belt style western with double buckle of Asos, 13,99 EUR.
  • Smooth belt from Asos, 9.49 euros.
  • Zara, 25.95 euros crocodile leather effect.
  • Black belt with metal handle, 17,99 EUR lamp.
  • Wide belt with appliques of Bershka, 9,99 EUR.
  • Brown without buckle Iris & Ink, EUR 58,99.
  • Double black McQ Alexander McQueen, 105 euros.

It makes you a stole?

Here is one of those plugins that are only suitable for colder days (but give an extra glamour to the outfit character). We refer to stoles with collars of synthetic hair: living, classic or multicolor tones. Play with them and combine them in all kinds of styles and for all occasions.

  • Stole from synthetic hair in natural Blue River Island, 25,49 EUR.
  • Pearl-grey color of Iris & Ink, 321,16 euros.
  • Black synthetic hair from Urbancode, 72,99 euros stole.
  • Combined with wool from Michael Kors, 55 euros.
  • In Fuchsia pink color of Marc by Marc Jacobs, 107,50 EUR.
  • Type necklace in blue by Karl Donoghue, 126,44 EUR.
  • In Brown’s Zara, 29.95 euros.
  • Neck of black color of Mango, 35,99 EUR.

365 sunglasses

What is a 365 sunglasses? Indeed, one that allows you to wear it 365 days a year. And to do this we will look for a black model, which is adepte to our face and happens to be one of our beauty.

  • Simple lines of Prada, 187,44 EUR.
  • Model Audrey from Céline, 274 EUR.
  • Ray-ban Clubmaster, 150 euros model.
  • Model Super Duper of Karen Walker, 220 euros.
  • With the Golden pin’s & Other Stories, 55 euros.
  • Type cat eye Illesteva, 230 euros.
  • Round sunglasses for Linda Farrow by Phillip Lim, 264,99 EUR.
  • With the crystal blue of Spitfire, 33,10 EUR.
  • With the yellow crystal of Komono, 73,56 euros.

Beanie or not to beanie?

Protect the head from the weather is important, but equally important is not to lose the style along the way. For this reason we must look well and find the hat that suits our way of being (and needs). And there are the beanies: caps of wool of a lifetime where colors, the pompon and King form play a central role.

  • Blue and red of the team Script NY Giants of New Era, 25 euros.
  • Grey color in version XL of Stella McCartney, 160 euros.
  • With the Pompom in size XXL Only Grisly, 39.99 euros.
  • White and with message of Bershka, 7,99 EUR.
  • Multicolor Pull & Bear, 9,99 EUR.
  • Cap with pompon of Alpine fretwork Thurlow of Jack Wills, 28,49 EUR.
  • Eight point Cap thickness with pompom of Asos, 11.99 euros.
  • Cap of chunky knit with Pompom Pieces, 17,99 EUR.
  • Type turban of Sandro, 95 euros.

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