Japanese LED Watch

Here is a new LED model watch shows or Japanese. A still original way to display the time.

Press the button at the top right of the dial and watch the screen lights up. In time mode, the columns represented the hours in binary code while rows of minutes. In date mode, the columns represent the month while the rows represent days. You decide if you want the LED watch displays the time at random intervals (approximately every 10 minutes) or shows the time when you tap the button.

You’ll find yourself writing strange equations on the blackboard .. . Yes, this shows increases IQ!)

From a glance …

* Yellow and red LED diodes
* Time and date functions
* The columns show hours in binary code
* The rows show the minutes in binary code

* Japanese LED Watch
* Display: LED horizontal and vertical LED to indicate the date and time in binary code
* Bracelet imitation leather, length of about 190mm with 8 holes
* Settings: time, Date, display frequency
* Power: 2 CR2032 batteries (included and installed )


* An excellent gift idea!
* Read the binary code: from right to left, we read the following numbers: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. There are only two binary digits. 0 and 1. The binary ‘0’ ‘means you do not add a number, binary’ 1 ‘means you add the number
So if you want to represent the number 10, this would correspond, in binary, in 1010 (2, not 4, 8, not 16, or 2 and 8 = 10). This may seem a little complicated but in fact it is very simple and no doubt you will be!
* This watch is not waterproof.
* Press the top button to display the time. Otherwise, by default the time is displayed every 6 to 10 minutes (this function can also be disabled).

The box contains:

A yellow and red LED shows
a box to deliver


How can I set the time and date on this watch?
Press the lower right button. What is displayed will blink. Keep pressing until you get the desired time. Next, press the top button to confirm the change.

What kind of battery does it? 
This Japanese LED watch uses CR2032 battery (or button cells). They are found in all stores.

How long will it last batteries? 
The batteries last longer than other watches since the display is only done when you want-or randomly.