João Rôlo Collection at the Glass Factory of Cacém

More than a designer, it is a Portuguese brand. João Rôlo is an artist of fashion, of the feminine forms.  It studies the profile of each client and creates the model, depending on the physical and psychological characteristics. Every customer is a unique case.

João Rôlo Collection at the Glass Factory of Cacém

He fell in love with the world of textiles and fashion when he attended the Textile Engineering Course. He decided to create his brand and three years later already presented his first collection in a haute couture parade.

After 30 years of his career, João Rôlo is a reference in the fashion world, both nationally and internationally. More than a fashion designer, he is an artist, who has already designed a collection of carpets, linens and even ceramic:”João Rôlo Home Collection”. Already established partnerships and created lines of furniture, sofas, tables.

Its designs are full of refinement, with very own style. To add to his successes, John decided to venture into the world of accessories and make his own line of sunglasses and graduates. Unique pieces, exquisite, as the artist has habituated his audience.

In 2016, the collection of glasses was relaunched, has been completely renovated. The pieces have textures, patterns and shapes combined in an elegant way, as only John could do.

At the Cacém Glass Factory, we value what is ours, what is national. And how could it not be we have the complete collection of glasses of João Rôlo.