Kim Kardashian and Dresses during Pregnancy

Total black look

Kim Kardashian opted for a black look. Wear clothes in black helps to hide the curves, but is not the case with Kim, as we see a very tight dress. Coat shoulders we can bring a touch of elegance.

Garments adjusted

Kim sin of wearing clothes too tight, yes she loves. Gathered dresses often help “pick up” a little belly and hide it, but Kim Kardashian can not. The short dress does not help.

Look smooth

You could say that the look is one of the most successful of Kim. Opting for a smooth, monochromatic look can favor. The long and light coats give movement to look.

Midi length

One of the basic garments in the closet of Kim Kardashian Maternity dresses are cotton tip, tight and long midi. This will not favor long, above or below the knee will estilizaría more.

Mark too

This look of Kim Kardashian no where to get it.Neckline too steep, knit pants will mark you do not have him mark and eighties style coat adds an unnecessary bulk.

Low – cut

It is a fact, Kim Kardashian lingers too long on the necklines. Keep a little cleavage has nothing bad, but depending on low-cut may turn out to be too vulgar.


Transparencies strategically placed can be very sophisticated, but abuse them is to fall into the tacky. No doubt Kim does not apply the less it is more. >>


One thing is to enhance our curves nice way and another is adding too much bulk. A skirt with a steering wheel in the belly area all it does is create an unflattering optical effect.

Miniskirt and high heels

If you use a miniskirt during pregnancy opt for one that is not an uncomfortable or you compress tissue. Kardashian does not succeed with this mini leather. On the other hand you almost never see Kim with a flat shoe, high heels are the essential complement (and abusing them is not good).