Kitty, The Protagonist of Elle Taiwan. Is It The Model of The Year?

If yesterday flip in colors with new covers of Elle South Africa y Vogue Germany by January 2012, today Elle Taiwan He has shown there is no limits to my madness. And it is that today’s top does not appear on its cover. Neither of the yesterday. Or a woman with momentum or charisma. Lol The protagonist of this number is none other than the famous Japanese Cat Kitty.

How do you stay? I don’t mention it you because you alucinaríais more. It seems original, very good idea and something… Freaky. Yes, things as they are, for attention you have to innovate but do both? Bravo for the editor magazine and the publishing house for allowing an image thus comes to light, but I pray to not find me this so cute cat in real proportions through the streets of Barcelona…

¿What you think?