Lady Gaga Glasses Designer

Lady Gaga will touch with his very short tour Milan, in early December, and his Italian fans are definitely delirious from hold. And ‘undoubtedly one of the star most popular of the moment, and every step, every word, every outfit becomes cause for gossip, gossip, photos and comments about his extravagant look. No surprise then, that fans aside, the whole star system you quarrel his attention by getting interviews and why not of major gifts.

The Milan leg of Lady Gaga’s tour is said to doors, and on the occasion of this important event, which will paralyze undoubtedly Milan, an Italian brand was inspired giving a dedication to the singer. It is Italy Independent, which on the occasion of the tour he launched a Lady Gaga eyewear designer in unique edition, which is dedicated only to her.

The brand founded by Lapo Elkann has in Serbia a special gift created especially for the star, which proves especially appreciate the eccentric surprises and outside the lines, so in keeping with his personality. For the singer, then the brand has prepared a pair of sunglasses to mask covered by countless blacks signed crystals Swarovski, well 4600 to be precise, that definitely hit the star. Besides the aesthetic also general eyeglass lenses have their peculiarities: cut into rectangular shape, clearly recalling the Italian Independendent logo consisting of the two ‘I’ placed horizontally. What do you say, Lady Gaga will like?