LBD Little Black Dress

LBD, in 6 bloggers, 6 styles

Hello my presumed princesses! I liked reading the more faithful both here and on Facebook telling me that it misses me… thank you tesoretes!

LBD Little Black Dress

We started this no-challenge (have thus baptized him among ourselves) with a LBD, or what is the same–a black dress. Is not this far my favorite LBD in my closet but it is the only one that fits my condition of nursing MOM… and as you get me out photo for the blog that I do not get not going with me… This has been chosen! You do not see what reduces the possibility of dressing breastfeeding… that Yes, scab warmly not pica and the benefits and satisfaction that gives the offset.

It turns out that I was so in this manner to go to dinner with Mr E and Princess Nora on Saturday I all happy… said, not take the cart because total car we’re going to the door of the bar and we are… and I took no camera because «we well get them with mobile». Meeeeeccc logistical failure. Would Pope cannot removed the photos with one hand and the baby to the colo… What do we do? As baby in her arms, there is no other!

So forgive this time but I have to go used to combine the two worlds… Little by little!

Dress is viejisimo, of the 2005 CA, H & M, came out very well because neither a ball or wear or anything. A marvel. The jacket is from H & M also, is it picked up second hand to a friend who became stomach reduction, is silver if it is not well noticed.

It would go great with a clutch and such, but I will not lie… I would go with bolsaco that sticks with the look with diapers, wipes, bib no… so better or take out it!

I hope that the photos and the look like… do not forget to visit the rest of my buddies proposals: