Learn How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

Do not damage the lenses of your glasses, clean them properly!

Learn How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

Do you know how to clean your glasses without damaging your glasses? We try to always explain the best ways to do this and even give some of the cleaning products, but have you ever thought that you might be using them the wrong way?

Find out with us how you can do it the best way possible

  1. Start by ironing your glasses well for water and using a non-abrasive soap. Wash the entire frame, avoiding citrus products, which can damage the lenses. 
    Remove the soap in a circular motion and gently shake the glasses to remove excess water. 
    Dry the goggles gently with a cotton towel, suede cloth or with the little cloth we gave you. Avoid rubbing, drying only with small touches on the lenses.
  2. Fill the lavatory with non-abrasive soap and immerse the glasses in small movements. 
    Rinse with running water to remove the soap and remove excess water. 
    Moisten one of our cloths and place on the lenses. Fold it in half and wipe the front and back at the same time. Do this while holding the nose area so you do not over-open the rods. 
    Rinse again with water and wipe clean with dry cloth.
  3. Use a cleaning spray to clean the lenses. No need to put too much product as it will make drying more difficult. 
    Dry with a towel of your own.

And now that we have demystified all the mysteries of the cleaning of the glasses, do not you think it is better to do so? At least it will not scratch the lens so fast! 
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