Leggings Jeans or Jeggins

Since they began to use the Cowboys are a “must have” in any wardrobe, are comfortable, versatile and combine with almost any style of life must be carried.

We would on the other hand, at this point, we all agree that the leggings are here to stay, and someone came up with because not to combine them with the Cowboys ever?… so were born the Jeggins.

The question which are always made to do that it differentiates a Jeggins a cowboy skinny?, as the material, the first thing you have to bear in mind that a jeggins resembles a cowboy, may look like a cowboy, but the tissue is not the same as a cowboy, in that lies its main difference; the elasticity of the jeggins.

You can find different jeggins with different textures, materials and qualities. more thick, thinner etc. but are usually made of cotton or lycra with a stamped cowboy. That allows you to adjust to your body and provide the comfort of a leggings with the versatility of a jeans based on paradisdachat.com.

The quality is very important when buying a jeggins. Remember that a jeggins is an elastic pants that usually bring a stamped cowboy, so it is important that the cowboy effect is not lost when stretched. So it is important the quality, that you stretch your jeggins and check that the print is not only on the surface and that you can try them yourself to check that the jeans effect remains once since.

Finally, combining a jeggins is very easy, in terms of colors and fabrics fit virtually all that combined with your jeans of all life. Only Lo you must not forget is that they are some leggings and why you must follow the same basic rules for using a leggings; We can summarize them basically in two:

1 look for one that is in your size

2 combine them with shirts, blazer jackets that cover part or all of your butt.