Leggings with Heels Fashion

In view of the coming winter fashion rediscovers the 1980s lines more than in years past and does so by proposing a whole range of clothes and accessories that closely resemble Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and pop icons that during the 80s gave the harder for mothers struggling with teenage girls.

Definitely the most used and abused are the leggings, those who once were called nylons that fashion has decided to rechristen the English, who are at once practical and warm fashion, but must be matched properly to avoid looking like the sausages or ready to go to the gym.

In English-speaking countries it is customary to combine leggings with heels, with a usually short dress and fluttering and without paying much attention if you have large thighs and calves although it would be good to pay attention to these factors if you aren’t just frail and thin.

Surely if you love leggings and high heels you can try pairing combining colors and color: black shoes with no sudden paired black leggings and maybe a long sweater grey tones that break the monotony. Source: DeadlyLeggings.com

Certainly a good way to combine leggings with heels is choosing bodycon boots which, containing leggings, make it a sort of second skin like a pantyhose and so do minimize the effect making it natural and wearable; Here too, the best combination is with light dresses or shirts that reach under the seat, the cover and add value to your legs.

In short, wear leggings with heels is a matter of taste and especially of choices: for sure it is good not to overdo it if you can’t afford really to do it but not to restrain himself if you can find the right combination between the desire to be fashionable, the desire to be comfortable and the desire to never be ridiculous.