Levi ’s ID Curve – Now Available As High-Waisted Model

That was but also really time! Levi’s raises its long waisted awaited high models of the line ID curve on the market. I was in last fall at just very disappointed after our trial & error test so enthusiastically by the cut, the fit, the material and the comfort feeling, by which I can quite deep seated waist of rise modern models, but was now finally breathe and they buy me: Levi’s ID curve classic rise! Cut, it is larger than the previous model, which was my only downside so far really, I had to give in our test. No Sahar out flashing, no Mollis, which pave the way out of his pants to – simply a better fit and my continuing favorite cut.

This means, for all lovers of Highwaist denim including me: we have to finally decide whether she should therefore come in the popular boot cut, skinny, straight. In different washes, there should also be they, wavon could we however still not himself convinced us and must have confidence therefore the love email, which just announced the joyous news to me! Is now the only thing the denim vest that is already so long on the wishlist!

To the reminder again: that looks modern rise ID CURVE:

And for all those who have not yet worked with ID curve apart: three variants are’s You will be measured and the difference of your mass tells you what type of pants:

Slight curve
this type of curve ID collection is for women who have a rather just cut physique. Through the higher sitting and larger back pockets, she lifts the Po. Is quite closely on butt and leg and brings out so the figure of the woman the.

Demi curve
The demi curve is suitable for women who have very slight curves. These jeans emphasized the waist, which is however mostly straight and molds them so perfectly. Moreover the legs look visually longer and slimmer!

Bold curve
The bold curve should be worn by women who have beautiful feminine curves. Through diagonally adjacent pockets of Po is visually reduced and lifted. This model does not constrict, is off also.

One should be said still to conclude: the respective curves have nothing to do with the weight or other – only deals with the proportions!


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