Lingerie from Made by Noemi

What makes beautiful lingerie is a certainly dependent on gender, because women like it for one certainly more comfortable, maybe a bissche easily and also like to be in the 70 s look at the moment. Men, however, are as often rather classic on the road and have a hard time particularly with the high cut panties. On the other hand, it is an absolute style question, on whether one more on colorful cotton pieces stands, or rather something lovely on the skin.

The Swedish brand’s new collection made by Noemi creates my opinion both: men and women alike are on it and looks comfortable ’ s still off! The designer Noemi Ivanova for her latest collection was inspired „ my darling magpie “ by Hitchcock ’ s movie „ the birds “, what at this point a or others could scare more of you. Must it not, the lingerie is namely anything but unsightly – maybe but a nuance mystical and playful: A little transparency and self-conscious pieces here, floral pattern, and girls magic there. A finishing touch Fuchsia, a hint of purple and inspired by the film, the black and white of the Elster. The Lookbook is of course based on this source of inspiration and shows us the pretty model with springs with quite dark and striking makeup and hair. But see for yourself.

And let’s not put you off by the prices! You are of course in Swedish kroner. The collection pieces are no Snappers although therefore still long, but for good underwear certainly still in the frame! This way, please.



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